Crystal lovin!!

Namaste! Hope your day has been filled with tons of high vibrations, love, and light. To most Crystals are just rocks, but to me they are beautiful, wise, intelligent, vibrant beings, just waiting to share their knowledge and love. If you are reading this you ARE part of an Ancient family who hold the keys to the world. YOU ARE an old soul. YOU HAVE been to more places around this galaxy then your mind, at this moment, could ever even imagine. We ARE the crystal keepers, Earth’s protectors, and healers to the beings of this world. What can a “rock” or crystal do for you, you may ask. Well, crystals can heal you; calm you down; protect your aura; soak in negative energy around; lessen your stress; cure colds, flus, poisonous bites, cancers, headaches, pains, diabetes, cramps, nutrient deficiencies; help depressions; help you stay focused; and many many other benefits. Crystals are ancient. and I mean ANCIENT. They hold ancient knowledge, wisdom, pure light from the cosmos, and unconditional love. Rocks are everywhere, sidewalks, streets, buildings, pyramids, gardens, actually YOU. Crystals are MINERALS. The same minerals that make up your body, the same minerals you walk on every day, the same minerals you ingest, and the same minerals that power ALL of the energy in the entire Universe. All houses are wired with copper- copper is the basis of many minerals, including Turquoise, Azurite, Chrysocolla, and Malachite. Telephone lines are made out of copper as well. Your jewelry=minerals. Your appliances, computers, and smart phones all base from minerals. And guess what else? Your PHARMEUCUTICALS!! Yup that’s right! The medicine you are prescribed and pay so much money for base from minerals and herbs.. Which are FREE from Mother Earth.

Minerals are a divine gift from our creator. Just as we are here to protect Mother Earth, she is here to protect us as well. We are ONE. Working together to share our wisdom, knowledge, support, beauty, and LOVE. Without these minerals, we would not be here. SO, Crystal Rainbow Tribe, it’s time to protect ourselves, minerals, and Mother Earth, so we can join forces and make a huge impact on this Galaxy.

Picking out your Crystals

When I worked at the rock shop, many people would ask, “How do you know which one is right for me?” My answer- “I dunno it’s your body!!” Bahaha jk. But really, which one are you drawn to? Close your eyes. Where does your body or hand naturally take you too? What is the energy of this crystal feel like? Is it Cold? Hot? Clammy? Dry? Heavy? Light? Happy? Dark? Dig deep into how this crystal makes you feel. Does it make you feel good? Look for ones that glow, glitter, and shine at you. Be a kid at the candy store, except instead of “Oh that looks yummy” it’s “Oooooh what a pretty rock, look at the colors, it sparkles!!!!” Use your innocence of a child to pick your crystal. It’s all about feelings. Don’t think. The less thinking the better, unless you have a certain purpose for acquiring this crystal, in that case, think about the reason or help you are looking for (ex. depression, anxiety, negative energy in your aura, meditation, astral projection, etc.) and let your intuition guide you. And remember, if you don’t like one, be nice. Crystals are beings and have feelings too.

Sometimes Crystals will even find you. Maybe you found some when you were a kid you didn’t know you still had, or you parents had a huge crystal sitting on there mantel, you didn’t even notice was there. Rocks are everywhere. It’s actually really fun and excited to walk into a family’s house and notice they have always had crystals sitting around, because they thought they were purrrtay!!

Also, remember as the crystal keepers of Mother Earth, you may be drawn to a particular crystal that is waiting for someone you know or have yet to meet, and is just waiting on divine timing. Embrace your mission!

When you have chosen your new friend(s), make sure to cleanse them before wearing or using them. you never know the energy of the previous owner. Be careful please.


There are many ways to cleanse crystals. It’s all your own personal choice. Here are some guides to help you on your journey:

– Take the crystal(s) to the sea, rinse and wash over it in the sea water ( you can also soak it in sea salt for 7-24 hours if you are not near the sea), then energize it in the sun. Caution: some of the softer crystals will need to be rinsed off in regular (non fluoride) water after charging. The salt crystals will make the rock start to deteriorate.

-Smudge the crystal(s) with sage, sweetgrass, cedar, incense, etc. Ancient tribes have been using this method for centuries.

-Place the crystal(s) on a cluster of crystals or a larger crystal for 12-24 hours.

-Imagine/channel pure white light from the cosmos down your crown chakra through your third eye, beaming into the crystal. Make sure you have the intention of cleansing the crystal(s). Talk to it. Ask the crystal(s) to transfer any negative energy into positive. Concentration, focus, breathing, and good intention must be sustained.

-Rinse the crystal(s) in any flowing rivers, lakes, springs, or creeks and energize in the sun.

-During a Full Moon, set your crystal(s) outside or in direct contact of the moons rays all night to cleanse it. then energize in the Sun. Make sure not to leave them out during sunrise or sunset.

-For 24 hours soak them in water and flowers, rose petals, honeysuckle, orange blossoms, rosemary, etc. Afterwards, the water is great to soak your hair in, giving your hair a natural earthy smell, and helping put minerals into your scalp.

-Set them in BROWN rice for 24 hours. When the crystal(s) are done, the rice is purified and at a high vibration, great for cooking!!

Charging crystals

-Place the crystal(s) in the sun,

-Place them on a large cluster.

-Placing them in the center of a circle, with other crystals around pointing towards the center, with the intention of giving it power.

-Holding it with both hands, channel energy from the cosmos, moon, sun, certain stars, angels, etc. down through your crown chakra, through your hands into the crystal.

Activating or awakening your crystal(s)

In Ancient civilizations and tribe, activating crystals were part of tribal ceremonies. Awakening the spirit that lives inside.

-Impact the crystal upon the energized sand of beaches.

-Sounding a meditative gong.

-Sounding Crystal Singing Bowls.

– Playing music with a high vibration and bass.. (My personal favorite albums to do this are STS9 Artifact or Bassnectar Mesmerizing the Ultra)

-Beating of drums in a slow, steady trance.

-DANCING with your crystal(s)!

-Singing to your crystal(s)!

-Constantly speaking with your crystal(s) and showing it love. Recognizing it as an equal being to yourself.

Giving your crystal(s) a purpose

When giving your crystal(s) a purpose,  you are asking for their guidance. This may be in helping you with depression, anorexia, addictions, relationships, sickness, etc. Whatever it may be, make sure you always have good intentions, and that they are for the good of all. We are not trying to control an outcome or situation, simply asking guidance to take the correct steps or path to the light. Do this one crystal at a time. When you set your intention, hold the crystal in both hands, channel pure light from the cosmos through your crown chakra into the rock, and repeat your purpose or phrase several times. You may ask for protection, assistance, and higher guidance to do this as well (e.g. angels, your creator, or your higher self). Make sure to stay focused, have quiet thoughts, focus on your breathing into the crystal, and full awareness of your energy field and surroundings. It may also be beneficial to write down the purpose you gave the crystal, not only for your memory, but for the simple fact of letting the universe know what you want or need guidance with.

There are several different ways to put your crystals to use. Meditation, cooking, manifesting, treating gardens, Feng-shei, protection, cleansing auras, healing,  herbal teas, making tinctures or medicines, jewelry, or just every day use of having it on you. In my next article I will guide you through the many ways that you may put your crystal to everyday use. Until then, Much LOVE! ❤ -the owl

Who AM I?

The owl sits.

The owl stares.

The owl calmly flies without a care.

wise, old, and patient too.

The owl is always watching over you.

The owl hoots.

The owl sways.

The owl is full of comical ways.

Laughing, crying, and full of joy,

the owl definitely loves to poi!

Dancing, singing, and spreading love,

with the purity and light of a dove.

The owl is here.

The owl is there.

Look up! The owl is everywhere!

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The Crystal Rainbow Tribe


Hello Mother Earth’s children. Do society “norms” baffle you? Do you have a passion for singing, dancing, making music, painting, natural healing, working outside, painting, gardening, drawing, writing, acting, cooking, crafting, etc? Is or was authority a huge problem for you? Not wanting to be told how to live your life, what to eat, what jobs would make you higher in society, who to date, etc? Do you have a huge unexplainable love for Mother Earth and crystals? WELCOME family. WE ARE the Crystal Rainbow Tribe. The Indigo children. Mother Earth’s protector’s. I’ve been waiting for you.  we stand for freedom, uniqueness, compassion, acceptance, understanding, harmony, CRYSTALS , natural healing, dancing, singing, making music, art, camping, bonfires, sexiness, oneness, wholeness, togetherness, sillyness, vibrant colors, beautiful vibrations, magic, belief, faith, earth and most of all love. we are all beautiful. fun. free. one of a… kind. down right dirty. classy. kind. raunchy. sweet. out there. but wayyy in there too.  everything and anything in between. light. dark. and just absolutely out of this world crazy for having a great time and spreading our love and passion while we do it! SOOOOOOO,  How’s life treatin’ ya?? BAHA, Yeah I know, this world IS just full of illusions eh? Embrace them, learn from them, let them go, then spread your wisdom out to all. This IS our TIME. Our TIME to make a stand and help bring love, peace, harmony, and beauty back to humanity.

         I am asking for your help. It IS TIME that we all come together and show this world what living is all about. It IS TIME to combine our hearts and dig deep into the truths of who we really are and what we really stand for. YES. It IS TIME. It IS TIME to break down those walls, kick some illusion ass, dance around like the beautiful people we are, create beautiful art, heal our people, and spread love, wisdom, and knowledge while throwing glitter in their innocent eyes. Mother Earth is calling for your help. How may you do this, you ask? It starts within. Loving yourself to the fullest extent. Loving who you are, the job you do every day, loving your body, loving your actions and reactions, loving your soul, loving everything that you create, and loving everything and everyone you come in contact with. Seeing the beauty in everyday life, and being the best you that you can be.

         Self love IS no easy task. It takes hard work, motivation, persistence, passion, drive, and most of all unconditional love. I’m no expert, but I AM on a path of self discovery and self love, and it IS one of the hardest, toughest, most unique, inspirational paths I have ever stumbled upon. On this blog and in life I WILL guide you to take this path on your own. I WILL be there for you when you need someone to talk to. I WILL tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you or society wants to hear. I WILL help you break these illusions. I WILL show you true unconditional love, never judging you for your behaviors or mistakes you’ve made in the past or now, for we are all human. How else are we supposed to learn? I will go into this more in later articles. We can not come together until we each love ourselves inside and out, and find balance within our soul.

         So, I ask you for your help. Help in putting back together OUR tribe. OUR tribe. AGAIN, we stand for freedom, uniqueness, compassion, acceptance, understanding, harmony, CRYSTALS , natural healing, dancing, singing, making music, art, camping, bonfires, sexiness, oneness, wholeness, togetherness, silliness, vibrant colors, beautiful vibrations, magic, belief, faith, earth and most of all love. we are all beautiful. fun. free. one of a… kind. down right dirty. classy. kind. raunchy. sweet. out there. but wayyy in there too.  everything and anything in between. light. dark. and just absolutely out of this world crazy for having a great time and spreading our love and passion while we do it! The Crystal Rainbow Tribe will rise once again. You can either sit back and enjoy watching us be free and completely ourselves, or you can get up dance and join this tribe and make a huge impact on the world. your choice! NEVER FORGET how beautiful and loved you truly are. and NEVER accept anything other than love and pure light into your life.  so again.. ARE YOU GOING TO JOIN OUR TRIBE?!?!?!

Who AM I you ask?


I came here to BE LOVE

Spread LOVE


and shower my children with LOVE.

I know who I AM.

I AM the sun who rises and falls each day,

and the moon who lightens your dark path.

I AM the stars you see glistening every night,

and the wind you hear sing you to sleep.

I AM the water you drink,

the air you breath,

the food you eat,

and the ground you stand on.

I AM her.

I AM him.

I AM one with all,

and I AM in all.

I AM here,

I AM there,

I AM everywhere.

I AM you,

I AM me,

and I glisten like the waves in the sea.

Look up I fly high in the sky,

Look down, I roam around.

I AM fully here,

and I know who I AM

and what I AM supposed to do.

I WILL shower you with love, wisdom, and pure light,

I WILL show you the way. 

I WILL lead you heart to oneness, wholeness, compassion, acceptance, peace, harmony, beauty, and most of all UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

I AM the one you have been waiting for.


❤ always and forever – the owl